Pizzana // 8.1/10

The legend Henry Winkler crowned Pizzana as the top pizza restaurant in Los Angeles, so I had to give it a go.

The old man didn’t disappoint. It’s fuckin’ great – you should try it.

Started it off with the Carolina Salad – this thing was well balanced and perfectly dressed. The fried prosciutto was like elevated bacon bits. A solid start. 7.8/10

Next up was the carciofo arrostiti… it’s fried artichoke. The menu is full of Italian words that left me guessing (insert middle America complaint here). Fuck it, you’ll figure it out. This was a decent dish. Well cooked with a solid crunch, but could’ve used something to brighten it up like some fresh herbs or lemon juice. 7.1/10

“Amatraciano” might as well have translated to “crunchgasm”. I’d never had a pizza quite like this with a damn near perfect crust and all of the crispy prosciutto you could ask for piled on top. However, I was clamoring for just one more note… something like Calabrian chili’s. Low and behold they’ve got a chili oil you can utilize, although the batch I was offered needed to be turned up a few degrees. 8.2/10

Sealed the deal with the Panna Cotta. Salty, sweet, crunchy – game, set, match. 8.5/10

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